Hi! My name is Anthony Quek.   I bought my 1st DSLR camera in July 2007 and became interested in nature macro photography since October 2007. It took me almost a year to master the basic skills. In 2009, I was named Canon Photographer of the Year.


Over the years, I have photographed many bugs and insects.  Those that I consider decent shots are simply uploaded in my flickr account.   I have not bothered to organize them except Dragonflies and Damselflies.  It is time that I do so and this site has been specially created for this purpose.

Part of the thrill of nature photography is learning about your subjects and arming yourself with appropriate identification tools.  I have based a lot of the identifications here on information obtained from websites, books and advice from the experts.    There are still quite a number of bugs and insects that I photographed are without IDs.  I hope you could drop me a comment if you know their IDs.

As it progresses where more bugs and insects are being photographed and presented here, I have categorized them under “Butterflies”, “Amphibians/Reptiles”, “Spiders”, “Bugs” & “Marine/Wildlife”. I hope by doing so, this site could serve as a quick guide for those who wish to know the IDs or basic information on some of the most commonly found insects in Singapore.

Nature Macro Photography has become my hobby over the last few years. I shoot almost once a week. With effect from 1 January 2014, I have started to blog and share what I have captured during these outings.  When I have enough photographs of a particular subject, I would do a thorough research and write about it under the category “Creature of the Month”.

I have produced 4 short  videos on the wild life of Singapore so far:

(1)  The Wild Side of Singapore
(2)  The Wild Side of Singapore II
(3)  The Wild Side of Singapore (2014)
(4) The Wild Side of Singapore (SG50)

It is my wish that by showing people the beauty of the natural world through photography and videography, it would help to sway people’s attitudes towards appreciating and preserving wildlife and biodiversity.

PS – Thanks to this blog, I was named Merit Winner in the “Environmental Blogger of the Year” category of the Asian Environmental Journalism Awards (2014).

aeja 2014

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, pretty awesome pictures! I just purchased my 1st DSLR canon camera about 2 months back and still trying to find “myself” as in, what sort of photography suits me. My wife hates bugs, spiders, etc. So when I go on my bug shooting…I will feel that I am leaving her out and will hurry, but I love macro.

    Do you use any flash at all for your morning dew shots? what is your setup? I’m using entry level canon and kit lens, with extension tubes. By the time I focus or walk towards the insect, it flies or jump or move away.

    • Hi, thanks for dropping by. I seldom use flash for my morning dew shots. If you are certain that macro photography is your area of interest, I would strongly recommend that you get a macro lens. Best regards.

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