Macro Outing : 1st Quarter of 2016

There were very little photographic activities in the first quarter of 2016.  I injured my back early this year which took more than 8 weeks for me to completely recuperate from the pains.  I could visit only two macro sites, one at Zhenghua Forest before I hurt myself and a night shoot at Chestnut Nature Trail after I recovered from it.

At Zhenghua Forest, there were many different species of grasshoppers.  Hence, I was not surprised to find these two friendly ones resting happily on the same dewy perch.


(Zhenghua Forest, 16 January 2016)

But I was certainly amazed to find three giant millipedes doing some kind of business together. Were they Mating? And why three of them? After about 15 minutes or so, each went their separate way.


(Three Giant Millipedes)

It is not uncommon to see moulting of leaf-footed bugs as there were so many of them here.  The nice colour contrast of this image is really pleasing to the eyes.

Not too sure about ID of this wild flower but they are attractive to me especially when filled with morning dew.


(Wild flower)

Night macro photography is not really my specialty but occasionally I would join my friends like this one at Chestnut Nature Trail on 25 March 2016. At night, you would come across different insects that you use to see during the day such as stick insects which only come out at night to feed. We found 2 different species:

Stick insects

(Stick Insects)

Someone spotted a moth’s caterpillar in a pupating position and a green chrysalis probably belongs to one of the butterflies from the Baron’s family.


(Caterpillar & Chrysalis)

A pair of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was found high up on a leave. Always a challenge to shoot subjects above eye level.


(Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs)

The catch of the night was this photogenic Oriental Whip Snake.  This was a juvenile about a metre long.  Adults can grow up to 2 metre and in almost fluorescent green colour.  It was my first time seeing a light brown oriental whip snake.


(Juvenile Oriental Whip Snake)

It was already 1.20 am when we called it a night!

3 thoughts on “Macro Outing : 1st Quarter of 2016

  1. Nice to see you posting again, Anthony! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any notifications from your blog in my email. I’m sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back and hope it wasn’t serious. I’ve learned that injuries, even those that don’t seem that bad, often come back to haunt us when we’re older as it’s now a weaker area of our body.

    I managed to overdo spring yard cleanup and my pain is persisting and flares up if I do much bending. I need to see my Chinese acupuncturist as she’s very good, having trained in China. If you’re not getting acupuncture done now to help you, I hope you don’t mind me suggesting that you do.

    The first time I came across a larva starting to pupate (MANY years ago), I was convinced something was wrong like a disease or something. It’s not often they’re found so good catch!

    • Hi Jude,

      Thank you for your concern. I injured my back after carrying a heavy photocopying machine. It was very painful in the first 2 weeks and I couldn’t really sleep properly. I consulted a western doctor and subsequently a chinese doctor (TMC) which used a combination of acupuncture, massage & 拔罐. They helped to relieve the pains but it came back shortly when I was careless in my movement eg. got out of my car too quickly. My experience is that back injuries take a long time to heal and one must rest more and be extremely careful when moving around.


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