The Wild Side of Singapore (SG50)

When people talk about wildlife in Singapore, they tend to focus on the bigger, rarer and unique animals such as crocodiles, otters, monitor lizards, long-tailed macaque, flying lemurs, etc., which was exactly what CNA did in their 2-part Wild City documentary show superbly done and narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough.

But the wild side of Singapore is more than that. We are surrounded by a wide variety of bugs and insects such as spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, praying mantis, beetles, hoppers, leaf-footed bugs, etc., all over this beautiful city. This video features some of the behaviours of these common creatures which took me almost 8 months to film, edit and produce. My small contribution in celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of Independence.

I hope it lives up to my earlier promise that this wildlife video is “more dramatic, action-packed with a humorous touch”.

8 thoughts on “The Wild Side of Singapore (SG50)

  1. Hi Anthony, I shared your video on the Love Our MacRitchie Forest Facebook page. Hope you don’t mind! It’s a great film, I really enjoyed it! Sorry I forgot to seek your consent first.

  2. Hi – thanks for the beautiful video. I came across this whilst helping my little with his Prep2 project work.. The boys love it!

  3. A huge thank you, Anthony, from the biggest fan of your blog who lives on the opposite side of the Pacific from you, near Vancouver Canada!! You must’ve put a lot of work into making this as it shows by how professional it is. Sorry that I just saw it now so responding late.

    Since I love spiders and insect life – plus all the other fauna you showed – the film was a real treat to watch. The only downside was I would’ve loved it as long as David Attenborough’s film. He’s one of my heroes. You should send him your video. Knowing what the man is like, I’m positive he’d enjoy it too. And being a humble sort, I’m sure he’d also reply.

    • Jude – Yes, you are indeed my biggest fan of this blog and I thank you for that! Canada is a beautiful country especially with its abundance of natural beauty. It is one of my dream countries to visit in the near future. I wonder how is the insect life over there?

      I am glad that you enjoy the video but I don’t think it is good enough for Sir David Attenborough. Nevertheless, I would take your advise to tweet him my video 🙂 I love his films too!

  4. I love the footage and the music you choose to blend in, timing was perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing. Happy 2016 Anthony! 😀

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