Macro Photography Outings – March 2015

The warm and dry weather continued in March 2015. From my experience, insects and bugs are more difficult to find in such weather. Hence, I decided to have fewer outings this month.

(1) Zhenghua Forest

My past outings to Zhenghua forest have always been very fruitful but it was not the case this time. I have only two images to share:

(A pair of leaf-footed bug nymph)

(15 March 2015 – A pair of leaf-footed bug nymphs)

(Leaf-footd buy nymph)

(15 March 2015 – Leaf-footd buy nymph)

(2) Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park is a charming and tranquil place for families to have a fun day out. For macro photographers, there is a garden near the public car park C where we could spend an hour or two finding insects and bugs.

(21 Mar 2015 - A garden at Pasir Ris Park)

(21 Mar 2015 – A garden at Pasir Ris Park)

There were quite a no. of butterfly species but most flew non-stop. I prefer to photograph this unique shield bug nymph, a species that I have never seen it before. I hope someone can help me to ID it.

(21 Mar 2015 - unknown shield bug nymph)

(21 Mar 2015 – unknown shield bug nymph)

(3) Green Corridor

I joined Endy to recce a small section of the Green Corridor which he wanted to lead an outing there for Nature Photographic Society, Singapore. The Green Corridor is an uninterrupted stretch of greenery that runs the entire length of Singapore, from the old Tanjong Pagar Rail Station in the south to the border of Malaysia in the north!

We parked along the road at King Albert Park and walked towards an old, black iron railway bridge from Bukit Timah Road.

(An old black railway bridge)

(An old, black railway bridge)

Once on the track, we walked another 100 metres towards the right and the popular old Bukit Timah Railway Station (now a conserved recreational building) was in sight.

(Bukit Timah Railway Station)

(28 Mar 2015 – Bukit Timah Railway Station)

The walking path is wide and flat with nice greenery on both sides which is soothing to the eyes.

(A wide and flat walking path)

(28 Mar 2015 – A wide and flat walking path)

I found a pair of fruit flies having some intimate moments. They were tiny and I had to use a 1.4 Tele-converter to get this shot.

(Mating Fruit Flies)

(28 Mar 2015 – Mating Fruit Flies)

The other only decent shot that I have is a praying mating hiding behind a yellow flower.

(Praying Mantis)

(28 Mar 2015 – Praying Mantis)

(4) Jurong Woods

There is a huge piece of wasteland along Jurong Road which I named it as “Jurong Woods”. I used to visit this place fairly often in 2010 & 2011 but stopped doing so as the stray dogs population grew. After a 4 years break, I decided to drop by to take a look. To my surprise, there is a small farm, probably created and maintained by HDB residents nearby either from Jurong East or Bukit Batok.

(A mini farm)

(29 Mar 2015 – A mini farm)

I spotted a small patch of attractive Bidens Pilosa flowers and I was confident to find white crab spiders here. A small lynx spider was found resting quietly on one of the petals instead.

( A small lynx spider)

(29 Mar 2015 – A small lynx spider)

It was very cooperative allowing me to take a close-up shot.

(Lynx spider close-up)

(29 Mar 2015 – Lynx spider close-up)

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