21/2014 – Segar Nature Trail (18 October 2014)

I led an informal macro outing to Segar Nature Trail with 12 participants. I have been here so many times since 2008 and yet I turned in too early into a wrong road. The development at Segar was quite rapid especially the last 2 years where there are plenty of new HDB flats now.

Anyway, Arthur was already at the meeting point when Kyaw Htay and I arrived at 7.10 am. When most of the participants were here, dark clouds were seen moving towards our area. We feared that we might not be able to shoot today. We decided to try our luck at the greenery nearby so that we could run back to the shelter if it rained.

(Shooting near the meeting point)

(Shooting near the meeting point)

We found quite a no. of grasshopper species but I chose to photograph this one on a nice perch.


It did rain for a short while but the dark clouds were quickly gone. Yes, we were going to have a bright sunny day! We moved further into the trail and soon we were shooting under the KJE Expressway.


Subjects were not as plentiful when compared to our last outing here but we can still find praying mantises, leaf beetles, changeable lizard, butterflies, leaf-footed bugs, etc. Here is a pair of mating leaf beetles on a thin blade of grass. It was fairly windy and therefore I used full flash to get this record shot.

(A pair of mating leaf beetles in dark backgroung)

(A pair of mating leaf beetles in dark backgroung)

I waited for the wind to die down to get this photo in normal ambient lighting.


A striking orange skipper was spotted sun-tanning on the grassy ground. With its wings half opened, I am not sure about its ID. My guess is that it should be a Large Dart (Potanthus serina).

(A Large Dart skipper?)

(A Large Dart skipper?)

Let us take a look at some of the photographers in action.

members in action

We took a break at 10.30 am. Endy, as usual, brought along biscuits and shared them with us.

(Let's have a break, let's have biscuits!)

(Let’s have a break, let’s have biscuits!)

Here is a katydid cleaning its feelers under the hot morning sun. My favourite shot that made my day from this outing!

(My favourite shot - Katydid)

(My favourite shot – Katydid)

We stopped shooting at 11.00 am and went to the nearby coffee shop for lunch and chit-chat.

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