Endau Rompin National Park, Selai (20 – 22 Sep 2014) – Part I

Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia, spreading over the southern states of Johor and Pahang. The park is named after the two major rivers that run through its boundaries i.e. the Endau River in Johor and Rompin River in Pahang. There are 3 entrances to the park.

1. Peta – East entrance through Johor
2. Selai (Bekok) – West entrance through Johor
3. Kuala Rompin – from Pahang side (it is known as Endau Rompin “State” Park instead of “National” Park.

Peta is the traditional entrance. I was there with Tony and Allan on a one-day recce trip to access the suitability of organising an outing for Nature Photography Society, Singapore about 3 years ago. We drove via the 2nd link towards the town of Kahang. From here, the roads into the park are extremely rough and a 4-wheel drive (4WD) is a must. It was a long (about 2 hrs) super tough ride, where we were being thrown around in the 4WD, that discouraged us from exploring further.

Endau Rompin State Park via Kuala Rompin route is my favourite among the 3 entrances. I had been there 4 times and my most recent trip was in April 2014. Please see my trip report here.

Selai is the nearest and easiest entry into ERNP. Entry to the park is strictly by prior booking only. This must be made at least three days in advance via email at jnpc@johor.gov.my. This was taken care of by Tony who is very good at organising overseas outing. He booked for us 2 units of Family Chalets and 2 units of 4WD.

Malaysia Map copy

We (6 of us) drove via Tuas 2nd link at 6.45 am, taking the North-South highway and exit Yong Peng. We stopped at a “大树下” Coffee Shop for breakfast. It served decent Yong Tau Foo, fishball noodles but their fried fishcakes were excellent. The facilities at Selai are very basic with no restaurant or coffee shop. As we need to take care of all our meals for the 3-day stay, we went to a nearby provision shop to buy cheap kettle, metal bowls, fork, & spoon, mineral waters. Breads, instant noodles, biscuits, eggs, vegetables, sausages, 3-in-1 coffees, mess tins, etc were already brought along from Singapore.


From here, we headed to the town of Chaah, about 20 minutes drive away. Thereafter, we drove towards Bekok town. Along the way, we saw a small fruit stall and stopped by to get a watermelon, 2 pineapples and some bananas.


It was about 10 am when we reached the Endau Rompin Selai Park office at Bekok.

Management Office

Park Office

All visitors must register and make payment here. These are the necessary costs:

* Permit to the Park – RM$20 per person
* Insurance – RM$2 per person
* Family Chalet – RM$200 per night (2 rooms, can sleep 4 persons)
* 4WD 2 ways – RM$270 (can take a max of 4 person per 4WD)
* Rental of Gas Stove – RM$40 per day

It is compulsory to engage a guide for those who wish to trek the various waterfalls in the Park. It would cost RM$230 for a 3 day 2 night trip. We did not take this option.

When all the administrative works were settled, we went next door to package Nasi Lemak for our lunch to be eaten at the Base camp. There is a sundry shop which opens at 10 am. We did some last minute buying here. We parked our cars in front of the Park office and transferred our equipment and food to the two 4WDs. After about an hour on mostly good-conditioned kampong road, we arrived at Selai Base Camp before 12 noon. This is the reception building at the main visitor complex.


The main visitor complex has a common dinning area, chalets, dorms and further down by the riverside, there are jungle huts for rent as well.

(Photo Credit : Endau Rompin National Park, Selai)

(Photo Credit : Endau Rompin National Park, Selai)

The family chalets are the best accommodation here.


It is not luxurious but adequate. A family chalet has 2 rooms with 4 beds, a bath room, fans and enough power points to charge our equipment.


After we had our lunch, the weather was still sunny and hot.


But all of a sudden, it started to rain heavily and continued until the late evening. We were disappointed that we couldn’t venture out to shoot. All we could do was to enjoy the beautiful surrounding and chit-chatting.


Dinner was served at 8.00 pm, all prepared and cooked by our able Sharon, Hazel and assisted by Allan. The instant noodles were super delicious!


We were glad to find a few uncommon moths, a beautiful green cicada & a giant praying mantis at the dinning area.

night macro

To be continued : Endau Rompin National Park, Selai – Part II

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