14/2014 – Zhenghua Forest (22 March 2014)

I led an informal macro outing of 14 participants to Zhenghua forest this morning.  Here are some of my shots:

(Lynx spider guarding eggs)

(Lynx spider guarding eggs)

(Lynx spider guarding eggs)

(Lynx spider guarding eggs)



(Mating Leaf Beetles)

(Mating Leaf Beetles)


(Shield bug – side view)

(Shield bug - dorsal view)

(Shield bug – dorsal view)



(Catch of the day : Colugo)

(Catch of the day : Colugo)

Please read my full trip report here.

2 thoughts on “14/2014 – Zhenghua Forest (22 March 2014)

  1. Hi Ant,

    Stumbled into IMOG through NPSS site.

    You done a great job in leading the outing to Zhenghua Forest.

    Apologies and did not know that must submit “homework” after that (always a naughty student).

    I have positively identified the dragonfly to be Raphismia bispina, aka Mangrove Dwarf through Mr. Tang Hung Bun site; tagged as “uncommon”.

    Went there after the Zenghua outing and took shots of the female but not the male.
    The last trip there only managed to take shots of the male.

    Years ago, used to observed between 6 to 8 individuals; male and female.
    Lately, only managed to see 1 to 2 individuals.

    The site is relatively small patch and unassuming in a quiet part of Pasir Ris Farmway.
    Because of that, notice that the amount of dumping has increase quite badly.
    And believe this is the cause of the decline in the numbers, which I hope I am wrong.

    Will visit later this afternoon to confirm they are still there and will be there taking more shots of them tomorrow (29 Mar @ 8am).

    I will call NEA about the dumping situation there on Monday.
    By informing them, I believe they will arrange to clear all those rubbish which, sadly will “totally destroy” the smallish patch and spell the disappearance of this dragonfly.

    If you are available and would like to join me, call me at 9125 4555.

    Hope Macro-master Allan and yourself can come along to site and get great shots of this less than 2,4cm “uncommon” dragonfly before its’ disappearance.

    Loh aka wow.life

    • Loh,
      Nice to see you joining our outing! I will join you tmr at 8 am at Pasir Ris Farmway!
      I may there earlier about 7.30 am to see whether there are any interesting bugs to shoot.


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