8/2014 – Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West (22 Feb 2014)

One of the best places to view pink lotus flowers in Singapore is at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West. They are almost in full bloom now. Beside our iMOG, there were many photographers here this morning.

(Lotus flowers blooming at AMK Garden)

(Lotus Pond at AMK Town Garden)

We were all excited to see so many beautiful lotus flowers.

(Lotus flowers blooming)

(Lotus flowers blooming)

I always find photographing flowers more challenging than shooting tiny insects. Presented with so many flowers in front of me, I suddenly found myself at a lost of what to do. As I looked around the pond, I saw some people standing on stone to get a top down view, a few attempted close up shots while others tried wide angle view.

(My friend, Nian Huei, in action)

(My friend, Nian Huei, in action)

Here are some of my shots from this outing:


(Top down view)


(Using a large aperture to get the front lotus in focus and blur the rest)

IMG_8683 pp

(Bottom up view with backlighting)

There was a nice looking Hawk Moth Caterpillar found at the edge of the pond. This attractive apple-green caterpillar has an interesting tail horn about 4mm long. The back portion resembles the shape of a dog.

(Hawk Moth Caterpillar)

(Hawk Moth Caterpillar)

Close-up of Hawk Moth Caterpillar)

(Lateral close-up of Hawk Moth Caterpillar’s head)

When we were about to call it a day, Joe & Kyaw Htay spotted 4 Planthoppers, possibly 2 males and 2 females. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and we had a hard time getting even to get a record shot.



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