4/2014 – Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 (8 Feb 2014)

At the junction between Brickland Road and Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 near the Hai Inn Temple, there is a drainage canal surrounded by forested areas on both sides. This patch of forest has been a popular site for many macro photographers in Singapore especially from members of Nature Photographic Society, Singapore.  We prefer to call this place as Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 (CCK5).

(Map of Macro Site)

(Map of Macro Site at CCK5)

As I had not visited CCK5 for more than a year, I was glad that Kyaw Htay could join me to check out the condition of this place. Due to the dry weather spell for the past 3 week where we did not have a single raining day, some bushes along the canal were dried up and turned into brown colour.

IMG_3623 pp

(Dried bushes near the drainage canal)

I was not surprised that we spotted only a few subjects during our 2 hours there from 7.30 am – 9.30 am. Here are my humble shots from this outing.

(Net-Winged Beetle)

(Net-Winged Beetle)

The following image is a common planthopper about 1 cm in size. The name comes from their remarkable resemblance to leaves and other plants of their environment and from the fact that they often “hop” for quick transportation in a similar way to that of grasshoppers.



There were a few common butterfly species but mostly are difficult to photograph except the Glam Blues which were more cooperative and quite plentiful here.

(Gram Blue, Euchrysops cnejus cnejus)

(Gram Blue, Euchrysops cnejus cnejus)

My favourite photo for the day was a katyid nymph feeding on a beautiful Singapore Cherry flower (Muntingia calabura).  Katydids are insects in the family Tettigoniidae which are also commonly known as bush-crickets.  Katydid may be distinguished from the grasshopper by the length of their filamentous antennae, which may exceed their own body length, while grasshoppers’ antennae are always relatively short and thickened.

(Katydid nymph)

(Katydid nymph feeding on Singapore Cherry flower)

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